TC Teams

We’ve got a great team here at Today’s Church who work behind the scenes to keep our lights on and our wheels turning! Their hearts are full-geared towards exalting the name of Jesus using their many different gifts and talents! No matter what your gift or talent may be, we know that there is a space for you to serve under God’s kingdom! Serving in the church is another great way to get to know other TC members and get involved in our community.

Interested in joining a team? Send us your inquiry now!



We are currently seeking enthusiastic individuals to serve as teachers on our SuperKids Sunday School ministry. Classes take place during the 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM services. Teachers are required for our age 4-8 classes and for our 9-12 classes. Availability and commitment levels may vary according to your personal needs. In order to build a safe and secure environment for our children, volunteer teachers are required to submit a Criminal Record Check and complete a one-on-one interview with our Pastors.


Understanding the rapid growth of social media today, we are seeking creative and active individuals with a talent for social media and promotion. Today’s Church actively runs Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. Influencers would be responsible for creating and posting eye-catching announcements, promotional material, and inspiring quotes/encouragements to keep our followers up-to-date and engaged, with an average of 2 posts per day. 


If you’ve got a knack for sound production and audio mixing, this opportunity is for you! Sound control is a contributing factor in the success of our worship sessions, the delivery of sermons, the quality of our video recordings, and more. We are currently seeking individuals who are familiar with the technical aspects of sound and audio using our digital mixing platform. We are looking for regular support during our Sunday services, but commitment levels may vary according to your personal needs.


We are seeking individuals who are familiar and comfortable with the contemporary Christian music genre, and who posses musical ability in any the following areas: bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, keyboard, or vocals. As our weekly 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM services are identical, musicians are required to play for both services as scheduled. Individuals who are scheduled on any specific Sunday would be expected to attend a Saturday afternoon rehearsal. Commitment levels may vary according to your personal needs.


TC has been blessed with the opportunity to air our Sunday services on TV and share the gospel with an even broader audience. We are also looking to improve the quality of our website and social media visuals. We are seeking individuals who are experienced in the world of photography and videography to help us better our visual presentation! Volunteers may serve on a regular basis during Sunday services, or on an as-needed basis during special events.


Super Kids

Christie Amoyo

A full kids program to teach our kids about Jesus and Faith! Rest assured that your kids are safe, secure, and engaged during service. Currently accommodates children ages 4-8 and 9-12.

Media & Promo

Media & Promo

Marvic Abarra

Responsible for everything you see on our social media outlets, and all media visuals played during service! From video production to graphic design, this team is always busy!

Ushers & Greeters

Ushers & Greeters

Daryl Kuchma

This team gets all the credit for the warm welcomes received at the door and friendly atmosphere at TC! And they’re always ready to help you find a seat! 

Praise & Worship


Aimee Mesina

These guys have a huge heart for exalting and praising the name of Jesus using their gifts in music! The Spirit overflow has even sprung some original TC music!

Sound & Audio

Sound & Audio

Robert Adriennsens

These folks are responsible for the professional sound quality of our video recordings, our worship sessions, and our sermons! 



Tess Manalo

People who just love making great food, teas, and coffees! These guys make it easy to fellowship and socialize with other TCers over a light snack and a warm drink!



Mick Mullen

They line up different events throughout the year to help TC get the GOOD NEWS out to the lost and draw unbelievers into a relationship with Jesus!



Eileen Andasan

Count on this team to know exactly what’s going on at all times at TC! If you’ve ever got a question about events, volunteering, and more, then please see the FYI!

Design & Decor

Design & Decor

Faye Mendoza

They keep our building looking beautiful, contemporary, and yet still feel like home! They’ve got an eye for design and and heart for comfort!